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G 70.4 Remote Sensing. General Works

Journalists' Guide to Remote Sensing Resources

Journalists' Guide to Remote Sensing Sources is a directory of WWW resources for remote sensing, designed to aid professionals who are seeking information in the field. The site is division of the American University Academic Web Server.
Below the world map within the main page are eleven major links. In all cases, users will find a non-alphabetical listing of remote sensing sources, each noted with a brief description and its title. The title, in turn, provides direct access to the source's WWW site. "Recommended Sites" includes mapping, satellite images, and government data centers. "Image Indexes, Browsers, and Data Sets" offers a compilation of browsers, databases, data centers, and remote sensing tools. Major topic divisions within this area are: (1) European Space Agency (ESA); (2) CIESEN; (3) NASA; (4) print guides; and (5) other indexes. "Earth Imagery Resources Arranged by Country" allows a user to select a nation from an alphabetical listing; this choice then reveals a list of sources for that particular region. "U.S. Government Earth Sensing Programs" offers a directory to American sources. "Maps and Mapping" reveals detailed information on maps, map viewers, and general GIS information.
"Weather Related Resources," "FAQ's, Listservs, and News Groups," as well as "Business and Enterprises" all feature a listing of resources, in which titles provide access to the resources' WWW sites. "Universities and Think Tanks" details remote sensing projects sponsored by universities and think tanks. "Professional Organizations and Congresses" details weather, engineering, and nonprofit organizations. Finally, "Allied Fields" features sites related to remote sensing .
The site is maintained by Christopher Simpson; School of Communication; The American University; Washington, D.C.
To Search:
Select subject area from site's main page; scroll to view resource list; selecting resource title provides direct access to the WWW and its respective WWW site.

G 123 Geography. General Works, Treatises, and Advanved Textbooks. Compends. 1975-

World Factbook

The World Factbook, a publication of the Central Intelligence Agency, is designed to provide accurate and detailed information on all world nations, discussing their geography, population, government, economy, transportation, communications, and defense capabilities. Within the site, users have access to reports on every world nation, as well as capabilities to download maps and flags of each nation.
At the top of the site's main page, users can access a description of site navigation hints and different search methods. Below this link, within the color grid, are thirteen major links, nine of which are geographically based. Users can download text in a GNU Zip text file version or a GNU Zip RTF file version. Links are also provided to a list format of the site below the colored grid. "All data in the factbook" open a listing of all major factbook categories; users should select a topic and will then find an index page displayed. Selecting a region of interest then reveals its table of contents. Users should now select a country to view its full record. "All countries" offers an alphabetical listing of nations; selecting a nation then reveals its complete records. "Reference maps" offers political and regional world (as well as national) maps; maps can be downloaded in GIF, TIFF, and PDF formats. "Appendices" offers eight supplementary texts; selecting a title then opens that text for viewing.
The site's regional links are: "Europe"; "Asia"; "Australia and Oceania"; "North America"; "South America"; "Antarctica"; "Africa"; "Oceans"; and "Worlds." In all cases, users will find an alphabetical listing of regions or nations; selecting an area's title then reveals its complete record. Listed here are the major topics within a country's record; users should consult the site for specific subtopics in each category, since the research and data reflected in the site is exhaustive in scope. The record topics are: (1) map and flag information; (2) geography; (3) people; (4) government; (5) economy; (6) transporation; (7) communications; and (8) defense.
The site is sponsored by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the National Technical Information Service; U.S. Department of Commerce; Springfield, Virginia.
To Search:
Select region of interest from site's main page. Follow onscreen links to view desired nation's records.