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CyberStacks(sm) is a centralized, integrated, and unified collection of significant World Wide Web (WWW) and other Internet resources categorized using the Library of Congress classification scheme. Resources are organized under one or more relevant Library of Congress class numbers and an associated publication format and subject description. The majority of resources incorporated within its collection are monographic or serial works, files, databases or search services. All of the selected resources in CyberStacks(sm) are full-text, hypertext, or, hypermedia, and of a research or scholarly nature.

Using an abridged Library of Congress call number, Cyberstacks(sm) allows users to browse through a virtual library stacks to identify potentially relevant information resources. Resources are categorized:
* first within a broad classification,
* then within narrower subclasses,
* and then finally listed under a specific classification range and associated subject description that best characterize the content and coverage of the resource.
For each resource, a brief summary is provided, and when necessary, specific instructions on using the resource are also included. Where appropriate, the mode of access to the resource is noted, as is the subject coverage and scope; notable features, where applicable, are also included. At present, CyberStacks(sm) is a prototype demonstration service and is limited to significant WWW and other Internet resources in selected fields of Science and Technology.
A systematic effort is now underway to also identify and review resources that relate to the missions of the Center for Indigenous Knowledge for Agriculture and Rural Development (CIKARD) and the International Institute of Theoretical and Applied Physics (IITAP), two international research centers based at Iowa State University. While most of the current collection consists of Reference works, a number of scholarly journal Tables of Contents were recently added to its Title Index. Selected full-text serial titles and non-Reference monographic works, with subject coverage relevant to the interests of IITAP and CIKARD, have also been included.
Significant studies, essays, reports, proceedings, or other unique information sources of potential value to the efforts of CIKARD and IITAP, are also listed. Selected table of contents for non-Reference monographic works have also been included if such works are particularly relevant to the interests of these research centers and their associates.

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