Identification of Potential Resources

Efforts to identify potentially relevant resources for inclusion within CyberStacks(sm) have been greatly facilitated by the publication of the _INTERNET RESOURCES_ Newsletter prepared by Roddy MacLeod and Gordon Andrew of Heriot-Watt University Library, Scotland. Since Fall 1994, they have selected and profiled some of the more significant resources available. With the publication of the November 1995 newsletter, they now provide an sizeable alphabetical listing of all reviewed Internet resources to date.
A more recent, less comprehensive effort, is that undertaken by the H. W. Wilson Company with the establishment of WilsonWeb and the offering of Internet reviews by Jim Rettig, for 14 years the reference reviewer for the Wilson Library Bulletin.
A comprehensive reviewing source for science and engineering network sources is Science and Engineering Network News, a monthly review newsletter and journal contains profiles the more significant Internet resources in all areas of science and engineering by practitioners as well as information subject specialists.
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