Contributed Records

Record Format

Participants are asked to submit the following data for each resource, preferrably in the established CyberStacks(sm) format:
		1) Specific Library of Congress Classification 
		2) Resource Title/Name
		3) Full and Correct URL
		4) Record Summary

		   a) Subject Coverage
		   b) Resource Size/Number of Entries
		   c) Record Structure
		   d) Special Features
		   e) Miscellaneous Notes	
		   f) Source Acknowledgement

		5) Search Instructions
		6) Preferred Form of Contributor's Name and 

For a Record Summary, contributors are strongly encouraged to excerpt data from the source description and to organize it as listed above, and to be concise and succinct when possible. As the classification scheme provides the context for the subject coverage and content of the resource, subject description need not be extensive.
Unless otherwise requested, each contributor and his/her affiliation will be acknowledged within the final CyberStacks(sm) record.
Please submit full records to CyberStacks(sm).
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