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QL 9 Dictionaries

Glossary of Terms Commonly Occuring in Zoological Taxonomic Literature

This glossary is based on a text to aid indexers in the production of nomenclature entries for the Zoological Record.
Created and maintained by the Special Projects Department, BIOSIS UK.
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Select Part 1 (A-L) or Part 2 (M-Z); scan alphabetical listing for term(s). A one or two sentence definition, or cross- reference, will be provided.

QL 35 Directories

Polk's Zoological E-mail Directory

"This directory is an attempt to provide individuals who work with animals a means of locating colleagues on the Internet. The following people are included:
Zoo and aquarium employees, administrators of animal-related associations and societies wildlife rehabilitators, educators in animal-related studies, and those doing animal-related research, and who are associated with one of the following: a zoo or aquarium, an animal-realted association or society, a university, academy, or college."
Each record contains, an individual's name (last, first), middle initial, when known, professional degree(s), when known, title and/or position, institutional or organizational affiliation, and a listing of animals with which the individual has worked (general and/or specific groups, e.g. Mammals, Marsupial; some records contain more specific information, e.g. common and/or scientific name(s) (e.g. Artiodactyls, Cervus)). A 'Notes' field provides additional information, e.g. a personal statement, full position and mailing address, professional activities, etc.
An individual's full e-mail address completes the record, along with a record update date. Each record is assigned to a broad organizational category, 'Zoo/Aquarium' or 'School/Research/Rehab', indicated in the upper left-hand corner of each record.
In addition to a free-text search form, a complete alphabetical listing by individual last name is also accessible.
Site created and maintained by Terry Polk, Programmer/Technician, Indianapolis Zoo.
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Enter name (or term/phrase); submit. Search by free-text term, e.g personal name, organization, general/specific or common/scientific animal name, etc.

QL 76 Zoological Gardens. General Works

ZooNet(tm) Index - International: Alphabetical Listing of Zoos by Country

An alphabetical directory of international zoos listed within an country-by-country directory. The directory includes zoos without homepages.
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Browse Country listing and select available sites, or select from A-Z directory.

QL 76.5.U6 Zoological Gardens. United States

ZooNet(tm) Index - USA: Alphabetical Listing of US Zoos by State

An alphabetical directory of zoos of the United States listed within an alphabetically state-by-state directory. The directory includes zoos without homepages.
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Browse State listing and select available sites, or select from A-Z directory.