Dublin Core

Element Description
	Subject: The topic addressed by the work
	Title: The name of the object
	Author: The person(s) primarily responsible for the intellectual
		content of the object
	Publisher: The agent or agency responsibile for making the 
		object available
	OtherAgent: The person(s), such as editors and transcribers,
		who have made other significant intellectual contributions 
		to the work
	Date: The date of publication
	ObjectType: The genre of the object, such as novel,poem, or
	Form: The data representation of the object, such as
		Postscript file or Windows executable file
	Identifier: String or number used to uniquely identify the 
	Relation: Relationship to other objects
	Source: Objects, either print or electronic, from which this
		object is derived, if applicable
	Language: Language of the intellectual content
	Coverage: The spatial locations and temporal durations
		charactereristic of the object
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