There are several similar projects that can serve as models of collaboration for the establishment and enhancement of the CyberStacks(sm) service. The Engineering Electronic Library, Sweden (EELS) service, a cooperative project of The Swedish University of Technology Libraries, offers an excellent example of the use of cooperative collection development within defined subject areas in a wide range of engineering disciplines among universities, while the Edinburgh Engineering Virtual Library (EEVL) project, a more recent endeavor led by staff of the Heriot-Watt University Library, provides a general model for broader collaboration among universities, government and a professional society. OMNI, Organising Medical Networked Information, a project to build a gateway to quality biomedical information on the Internet for the higher education and research community in the United Kingdom, is another noteworthy national effort that can serve not only as a model of collaboration, but overall system development and enhancement as well.
Other noteworthy collaborative models include the Social Sciences Information Gateway (SOSIG) and a planned enhancement, ROADS, the Resource Organisation And Discovery in Subject-based services. In addition to providing access to an comprehensive alphabetical listing of resources, SOSIG offers access to resources categorized within the UDC classification scheme, with resources listed alphabetically within each group, an organization found within the BUBL service, the predecessor of these more specialized services.
Of general applicability is the Scholar Societies Project of the University of Waterloo Library, Canada.
The OCLC Internet Cataloging Project, and its associated FirstSearch service NetFirst(tm), are premier examples of the application of the established cooperative cataloging model for which OCLC is best known, to the identification and description of a variety of significant WWW and other Internet resources. Although the approaches taken by the OCLC Internet Cataloging Project and NetFirst(tm) for selection, description, incorporation and presentation of Internet resources are significantly different than that of CyberStacks(sm), the overall cooperative approach can well serve as an appropriate framework by which CyberStacks(sm) can be more fully developed.
The NISS Information Gateway, an outstanding example of a cooperative Internet cataloging project in Great Britain, can well serve as a model for potential enhancements to the OCLC Internet Cataloging Project. Its use of Subject Area Leaders and Subject group participants and a WWW-based Resource Description Template for input of cataloging and classification data for selected resources is an excellent model for expediting the identification and incorporation of significant resources within its collection.
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