The Magic Touch(sm):

Haptic Interaction in Web and non-Web Databases

For further development of The Magic Touch(sm) clearinghouse, I am interested in learning of other projects, research, products, or services describe or apply auditory interfaces, displays or interactive technologies to enhance use and access to Web and selected non-Web databases.
I am aware of such projects and systems as:
  • Ford Virtual Environment
  • Haptic Camera
  • Impulse Engine 3000
  • Interactive Tactile Display System
  • KeyBowl
  • LHX {Library for Haptics)
  • Maglev Desktop
  • MagicMouse
  • Pantobraille
  • Pantograph
  • Planar Grasper
  • Rutgers Master II (RM-II)
  • Sarcos Dextrous Arm Master
  • Tactuator
  • TGuide
  • Tocus
  • Virtual Reality Arthroscopy Training Simulator (VRATS)
  • VPL Data Glove
  • Wearable Vibrotactile FO Device
As always, any other recommendations, suggestions, reactions, contacts, or leads will be very much appreciated.
As sites and projects are identified and reviewed they will be profiled at the following URL:
Gerry McKiernan, Curator, CyberStacks(sm), Iowa State University, Ames IA

June 2, 1998