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Iowa State University, Iowa Center for Emerging Manufacturing Technology, Ames, USA

Project Name
ISU Force Reflecting Exoskeleton
Greg R. Luecke (

Project Summary
"The objective of this research is the development of a haptic interface system that allows force interactions with computer-generated virtual reality graphical displays. his system is based on the application of electromagnetic principles to couple the human hand with a robotic manipulator.Using this approach, the forces are transmitted between [ISU Force Reflecting Exoskeleton] and the human without using mechanical attachments to the robot."

"This research includes the development and interfacing of the mechanical hardware, development of a virtual environment for studying real-time interactions, and the generation of computer models for computation of interaction forces between the virtual objects and the human. The new system provides the human user with a unique interface to the computer generated virtual world that will apply computer generated forces to the digits of the human operator's hand according to an arbitrary model residing within the computer program."

Demonstration or Prototype Access
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