Participatory WWW Database Development

Agriculture (S)

In an effort to incorporate the most relevant agriculturally-related Web Reference resources into the CyberStacks(sm) collection, we have established this site to obtain user preferences for those categories that are of greatest collective interest.
We invite users to select from categories and subcategories found within the hypertext outline of the Library of Congress classification schedule for Agriculture (S) below.
Q-Science R-Medicine S-Agriculture T-Technology U-Military V-Naval

Agriculture (General)


Plant Culture




Animal Culture


Aquaculture, Fisheries, & Angling




Users are requested to simulate the selection of topics that could meet an information need in some field of Agriculture. While NO resources are incorporated within these categories and subcategories at this time, the aggregate selection of topics by all users will greatly assist in identifying the subject categories that users most desire.
This aggregate selection of categories and subcategories will be monitored from log reports and the cumulative activity of access to this site will be compiled and the access statistics used as a guideline for selecting specific resources from the CyberStacks(sm) Title Index for priority incorporation within the CyberStacks(sm) collection.
Participants are encouraged to select resources at those times that they seek a specific information Reference resource in the field of Agriculture, acting as though they were involved with a real search of the CyberStacks(sm) collection.
NOTE: ONLY Agriculture categories and subcategories are active at this site.
User involvement in the further development of CyberStacks(sm) is greatly appreciated! Nominations of Web resources with Reference-value which are not presently within the CyberStacks(sm) Title Index are gladly welcome.

Gerry McKiernan
Curator, CyberStacks(sm)
Iowa State University
Ames, IA 50011

October 17, 1996