NetFirst(tm), a more comprehensive database of cataloged and annotated Internet resources, is to be commended for its use of a graphical floor plan (Fig. A-1)

Fig. A-1

and for its categorization of resources by broad and related subject groups (Fig. A-2).


Physics and Astronomy

Fig. A-2

Each feature inherently facilitates the identification and access to relevant resources by providing context at various levels.
However, while an improvement over the primary implementation of a cataloged Internet database, the resources found within each category in NetFirst(tm), as with most other organized Internet collections, are listed alphabetically. The specific conceptual relationships between resources, which can further facilitate individual and general resource use, are not indicated. To be assured that all relevant resources have not been overlooked, one is required to review all listed resources within a category. Thus, while value has been added in this version, it is limited.
Such methods of conventional organization and access may be viewed as a manifestation of our paper and text-based cultural milieu. NetFirst(tm), and a majority of other schemes, have not yet exploited the full potential of hypertext to present and link resources in non-sequential, non-linear configurations. While CyberStacks(sm) has adopted hypertext and the browser medium to facilitate access to Net resources, NetFirst(tm) has adapted hypertext to facilitate enhanced access to more text.