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Alliance Library System. Ready for Reference Virtual Reference Desk [Virtual Reference Software]

Auburn University Libraries. E-Gateway. InfoChat [LivePerson Chat]

Augustana College

Austin Community College. Learning Resources. Library Services. For Distance Learning. Select One: Real-Time Remote Reference Service [LivePerson Chat]

Austin Peay State University. Ask A Librarian. Ask A Librarian Live Chat Service [LiveAssistance]

Barnard College

Baruch College. William and Anita Newman Library. Ask A Librarian (Options for Reference Services). By Chat [LivePerson Chat]

Boston College [24/7 Reference]

Bowling Green State University. Libraries and Learning Resources. Reference Services. Ask-a-Librarian. Chat with a Librarian [Virtual Reference Software]

Bucknell University. Information Services and Resources. Research Tools. RefDesk Live [DesktopStreaming]

California Polytechnic State University Pomona. University Library. Ask NOW! [24/7 Reference]

California State University - Northridge [24/7 Reference]

Canisius College. Andrew L. Bouwhuis Library. Chat with a Librarian [AOL Instant Messenger(sm)]

Carnegie Mellon University. University Libraries. Ask a Librarian. Chat [LivePerson(sm) Chat]

Case Western Reserve University. University Library. Live Reference Help [LivePerson(sm) Chat

Cégep Vanier College. Library and Information Technology Centre. Live Library Reference [Livehelper(sm)]

Columbia University Libraries. Request It Online. Ask Us Now / Reference Chat@The Libraries [LiveAssistance]

Cornell University. Cornell University Library Gateway. LiveHelp [24/7 Reference]

Duke University Libraries. William R. Perkins Library. Reference Services. Live On Line Reference [Virtual Reference Software]

Eastern New Mexico. Golden Library. Extended Learning Library Services. Chat Reference Assistance [LivePerson Chat]

Eastern Tennessee State University Libraries. Extended Campus Services. How to Get Help. Live Online Chat with the Reference Librarian / Chat with Librarian [LiveAssistance]

Georgia Institute of Technology. Library and Information Center. Reference Department. Real Time Reference [AOL Instant Messenger(sm)]

Hampton University. William R. and Norma B. Harvey Library. Chat with Us Live / Live Assistant [LiveAssistance]

Illinois Institute of Technology. Paul V. Galvin Library. Ask a Librarian. Email and Chat Reference [LiveAssistance]

Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis Library. Real Time Reference Help [Virtual Reference Software]

Indiana Wesleyan University Indiana Wesleyan University Library. Off Campus Library Services. Questions? Click for Live Help [HumanClick(sm)]

Jönköping University Library. Ask the Librarian [LivePerson Chat]

Kansas State University Libraries. Ask a Librarian. Live Chat Reference [LiveAssistance]

Kingwood College / Kingwood College Library Online. Questions? Click Here for Live Help [HumanClick(sm)]

Liberty University. A. Pierre Guillermin Library. External Degree Library Services [AOL Instant Messenger (sm)]

Louisiana State University Libraries. Services. Ask a Librarian. LiveAssistance [LiveAssistance]

Macquarie University Library. As a Librarian (Online Reference Assistance). 2. Virtual Conferencing [NetMeeting]

Mansfield University. North Hall Library

Maricopa Community Colleges. Librarians Online [Virtual Reference Software]

Mary Washington College. James Monroe Center. Ask a Librarian. Live Assistance / Chat Live! [LiveAssistance]

Massachusetts Institute of Technology. MIT Libraries. Ask Us! Ask Us!-LIVE [Virtual Reference Software]

Miami University Libraries. MiamiLINK. Services & Information. Ask a Question. Live Online Assistance [Rakim]

Michigan State University Libraries. Virtual Reference Service. Netscape Chat Reference Service (SUSPENDED) [Netscape IRC]

New Jersy Institute of Technology. Robert Van Houten Library. Chat with a Reference Librarian [HumanClick(sm)

New York University

North Carolina State University Libraries. Ask a Librarian LIVE [Virtual Reference Software]

Northwestern University Library. Reference Department. Live Web Chat with a Librarian / Reference Librarian Online [Virtual Reference Software ]

Northwestern University of Louisiana. Eugene P. Watson Memorial. Library Chat []

Ohio State University Libraries.Education, Human Ecology, Psychology and Social Work Library. Chat With Us Live! [LiveAssistance]

Pace University Library. Research Assistance. Ask a Librarian. Chat Reference [OnDemand(tm)]

Pennsylvania State University Libraries. Virtual Reference Service / Ask a Penn State Librarian, LIVE! [Virtual Reference Software]

Pepperdine University Libraries

Philadelphia University. Paul J. Gutman Library. RefChat [Virtual Reference Librarian]

Plattsburgh State University. Library and Computing Services. Benjamin F. Feinberg Library. IREF PSU's Interactive Reference Service / Welcome To I-Ref [AOL Instant Messenger(sm)]

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Libraries and Information Services. RensSearch. Interactive HumanClick Reference Service [HumanClick(sm)]

Rocky Mountain College. Paul M. Adams Memorial Library. Live Assistance Now / Online Chat [LiveAssistance]

Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. Morris Library. Online Help/Online Reference [PERL/mySQL]

Spoon River College Learning Resource Center. Virtual "Quick Click" Information Desk [HumanClick(sm)]

State University of New York College of Agriculture and Technology at Morrisville. Donald G. Butcher Library."Talk" To a Librarian [AOL Instant Messenger(sm)]

Syracuse University [24/7 Reference]

Technische Universität Hamburg-Harburg. Some Questions (Sie haben noch Fragen)?. Options of Approach. By Live Chat [Rakim]

Temple University Libraries. Online Reference. Temple TalkNow [Camden]

Troy State University Libraries. Chat Live! Ask a Librarian [LiveAssistance]

University of Alberta [24/7 Reference]

University at Buffalo, The State University of New York. The Libraries. Help Documentation. Express Links. Instant Message [AOL Instant Messenger(sm)]

University of California - Davis

University of California - Irvine Library. Library Services. Ask a Librarian. Ask a Librarian LIVE [24/7 Reference

University of California - Los Angeles (UCLA). Need Help? Ask a Librarian. Online[24/7 Reference]

University of Charleston (West Virginia). Schoenbaum Library. Questions? Click for Live Help [HumanClicksm)]

University of Chicago Library. Business and Economics Resource Center. Ask-a-Librarian Live [LiveAssistance]

University of Chicago Library. Josepth Regenstein Library. Regenstein Reference and Information Services. Ask a Librarian. ChatLive [LiveAssistance]

University of Colardo Health Sciences Center [24/7 Reference]

University of Florida. George A. Smathers Libraries. RefeXpress [eShare NetAgent(tm)]

University of Illinois at Chicago. University Library. Library of Health Sciences, Peoria. Questions? [HumanClick(sm)]

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Library Gateway. Ask A Librarian (real time or e-mail). Real-Time Help [HumanClick(sm)]

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Library Gateway. Libraries by Subject & Specialization. Slavic and Eastern European Library. Slavic Reference Service. Chat [WebCT Chat]

University of Leicester. University Library. Distance Learning Unit. Trial Chat Enquiry Service [HumanClick(sm)]

University of Leicester. University Library. Distance Learning Unit. Trial Chat Enquiry Service [HumanClick(sm)]

University of Louisville. University Libraries. Reference Services / Ask-a-Librarian. Ask-a-Librarian Chat [LiveAssistance]

University of Maryland Libraries. Engineering and Physical Sciences Library. Help from Librarians. Chat with a Librarian [LivePerson(sm) Chat]

Universitty of Maryland University College. Information and Library Services. Getting Help. Chat with a Librarian [LiveAssistance]

University of Michigan Business School. Kresge Business Administration Library. Ask Us. Contact Kresge Library. Kresge Virtual Reference [LiveAssistance]

University of Nevada, Reno. Reference Chat [HumanClick(sm)]

University of New Brunswick. UNB Libraries. LIVE [Virtual Reference Software]

University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Ask a Librarian. Chat [HumanClick(sm)]

University of North Texas Libraries. Online Reference Help Desk [ConferenceRoom]

University of Northern Iowa. Rod Library. Assistance. Reference. Reference & Instructional Services. Reference Assistance. Ask a Librarian. Ask a Librarian Live [LiveAssistance]

University of Pennsylvania Library. Lippincott Library of the Wharton School. Ask a Question!. Chat. Live Online Reference [LiveAssistance]

University of Pennsylvania Library. Van Pelt Library. Live Online Reference / Online Librarian [LiveAssistance]

University of Rochester Libraries. Ask a Librarian [LiveAssistance]

University of South Florida. Libraries. USF Virtual Library. Services. VL Reference Chat. Live Assistance [RightNow Live (tm)]

University of Southern California

University of Utah [24/7 Reference]

University of Virginia. Questions? Ask a Librarian [LivePerson(sm) Chat]

University of Washington [24/7 Reference]

University of Windsor. Leddy Library. Realtime Online Reference [HumanClick(sm)]

University of Winnipeg. Library & Information Services. Services. Live Help [HumanClick(sm)]

University of Wisconsin - Madison. Campus Libraries. Reference and Research Assistance. Instant Message Using Live Help. Libraries Live Help [OnDemand(tm)]

Virginia Commonwealth University. VCU Libraries. LiveHelp at VCU Libraries [HumanClick(sm)]

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Virginia Tech University Libraries. Online Reference. LiveRef [LivePerson(sm) Chat]

Washington State University [24/7 Reference


Library of Congress

U.S. Department of Energy. The Energy Library. Ask a Librarian. Virtual Reference Service [Virtual Reference Software]

Los Alamos National Laboratory. Research Library. Ask a Librarian. Virtual Reference [Virtual Reference Software]


Alhambra Public Library. Live Reference Librarian. 24/7 Reference [24/7 Reference]

Baltimore County Public Library. Homework Help / Got Homework? AskUsNow! [Virtual Reference Software]

Biblioteksvagten - Danish LiveReference Service [HumanClick(sm)]

Denver Public Library. Find It Fast: SmartyPants. SmartyPants: 24/7 Online Reference at the Denver Public Library [Virtual Reference Software]

Harford County Public Library. Student Survival Kit. Live Virtual Reference Service / AskUsNow!

Hartford Public Library. Midnight Library. Interactive Reference / Live Chat with the Librarian [Livehelper(sm)]

Los Angles Public Library. Online Librarian Assistance. 24/7 Reference [24/7 Reference]

Malmö Stadsbibliotek. Bibliotekarie direkt [LivePerson(sm) Chat]

Montgomery Count Public Libraries. Ask-a-Librarian. Live Reference [LiveAssistance]

NOLA Regional Library System. [eShare NetAgent(tm)]

North Suburban Library System. Answers Unlimited: Ask a Librarian Live Online [Virtual Reference Software]

Santa Monica Public Library. Ask Me! 24/7 Reference [24/7 Reference]

St. Charles (Illinois) Public Library. Ask a Librarian-Live! [24/7 Reference]

St. Mary's Public Library. Live Reference Assistance / [LiveAssistance]

Suffolk County Cooperative Library System. Live Librarian [HumanClick(sm)]

Winter Park Public Library. Chat Live / Ask a Librarian | Chat with a Librarian [QuestionPoint(sm)]


Illinois CPA Society. Library / Resources. Business Research Library. Chat with a Librarian [LivePerson Chat]

Southbank Institute of TAFE. Library. Ask a Librarian [HumanClick(sm)]


AskERIC. Ask an ERIC Expert. AskERIC Live! / Chat with a Librarian [24/7 Reference]

Ask Now!: Online Answers Australia-wide [24/7 Reference] Chat med Bibliotekvakten [LivePerson Chat]

Collaborative Digital Reference Service (CDRS)

CLEVNET Library Consortium. KnowItNow [Virtual Reference Software]

Educational Information and Resource Center. Information Technology Services. Just in Time Support [Human Click(sm)]


Keystone Library Network. Virtual Information Desk. Live Chat [OnDemand(tm)]

Maricopa Community Colleges. Librarians Online [Virtual Reference Desk Software]

Metropolitan Cooperative Library System (MCLS). 24/7 Reference [24/7 Reference]

NOLA Regional Library System. [eShare NetAgent(tm)]

OhioLINK. Chat with a Librarian [Groopz(tm)]

OPAL Project (Online Personal Academic Librarian) The Bay Area Reference Project [Virtual Reference Software]

Seattle Virtual Libraries Consortium (Seattle Public Library). Ask A Question Information Service. LiveHelp: Your Personal Guide to a World of Information [QuestionPoint Enhanced Communications]

South Jersey Regional Library Cooperative. Q and A NJ [Virtual Reference Software]

State Library of Iowa [Virtual Reference Software]

The University Center Library. Click for Live Help [LivePerson(sm) Chat]


livereference ELECTRONIC DISCUSSION LIST | Dig_Ref Listserv


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LiveRef(sm): A Registry of Real-Time Digital Reference Services is a categorized listing of libraries that offer real-time Library reference or information services using chat software, live interactive communications utilities, call center management software, customer interaction management software, Web contact center software, bulletin board services, interactive customer assistance system, or related Internet technologies. Use of the listed services may be restricted or limited to affiliated students, faculty, staff, or members.

LiveRef(sm) is compiled and maintained by Gerry McKiernan, Science and Technology Librarian and Bibliographer, Science and Technology Services Department, Iowa State University Library, Ames, IA 50011.

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