any gold here? no ,5% ,mix
is it gold? no ,yes ,mix1 ,mix2 ,mix3
The Gold demonstration ... applies the Hearsay principles to ... multidimensional sonification ... Can you find the gold ? It is hypothesised that six different aspects of the land in which gold may be found are determinative of whether or not gold is there. The display allows an immediate answer to the question for groups of data as well as individual elements. Regions of gold are heard as distinct masses of higher, brighter material. Even when the data is only 5% gold the gold samples pop-out from the background of dirt sounds. The ability to hear low proportions of outliers may be useful in data-mining applications where interesting elements are hard to display visually due to multidimensionality, and hard to see because they are rare. If the data is presented in an appropriate form then a human analyst may be able to perceive information that a programmed algorithm cannot detect.