LiveRef(sm) Acknowledgments

I am indebted to Ann Lindel, Mimi Pappas, Jana Ronan and Colleen Seale of Humanities and Social Services of the George A. Smathers Libraries of the University of Florida for their exceptional poster session "Shall We Chat: Extending Traditional Reference Services with Internet Technology" and its associated appendix, "A Survey of Online Interactive Reference Services" prepared for annual meeting of the American Library Association in July 2000. Their survey is an annotated listed of known services as of July 2000 and has formed the core of the original registry.
In addition, I am wish to thank Ms. Danielle Hinton, Project Officer, The ELITE Project, based at the University Library of the University of Leicester, for the excellent resources and citations related to virtual reference technologies.
I will to also thank the individual contributors to livereference, an eGroups(tm) e-list, and to Dig_Ref Listserv for information about their current real-time reference services and projects.