Data Mining of Web and non-Web Bibliographic

For a planned review and clearinghouse, I am interested in learning of projects, research, products and services that have applied Data Mining technologies to Web or non-Web bibliographic data bases or datasets. I am particularly interested in the application to MARC data records.At this time I am not interested in other applications of Data Mining.
For a good overview of the concept of Data Mining, see the article by Bruce Moxon in the Data Warehouse supplement to DBMS of August 1996; it's also available at:

The November 1996 issue of Communications of the ACM (39(11)) has several excellent articles on Data Mining and KDD.

There are a number of excellent Web resources available to those who desire additional information about Data Mining. One of the best is KD Mine at URL:

Kurt Thearling, Director of Advanced Analytics of Exchange Applications, has also established an outstanding site that includes a tutorial and review, as well as several major review papers and articles, most notably a survey of the current state of data mining software applications and an overview of visualization and data mining. He also maintains an impressive comprehensive listing of data mining vendors and software patents relating to data mining.

As relevant efforts are identified that relate to the applications of Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery in Databases (KDD) in bibliographic databases or collections, they will be profiled within Four-T-Nine-R(sm) at this URL:

As always, any and all suggestions, reactions, or critiques are most welcome.

"I Know It's In There Somewhere"

May 29, 1998